Thank you Guidant Financial

We are grateful to Guidant Financial, a self directed 401k investment company, for providing the financing for our restaurant. In this economy its really hard to get a bank loan and Guidant offers a great alternative. They have a fantastic system that makes all the corporate mumbo jumbo easy to understand and follow. While it felt like a full MBA degree in a couple of hours with outside counsel, everything is working smoothly now.

A few of the their employees joined us for first dinner service and wrote a post on their blog. Which is much appreciated as well.

We are also honored to be a part of their 2011 marketing campaign and I’m looking forward to the photo shoot in the next few days. So if you see a camera when you come for lunch, please say “Thanks Guidant!” and wave 🙂


Business Meetings at Graces 5

Graces 5 LogoOur incredible food, intimate dining room, luxurious patio and friendly staff provide the perfect setting for your next business meeting.

By choosing Graces 5 for your business meeting you let our ideals back up your business. We support local, organic foods, and your business supports the local Redmond WA community. Chef Ricky Simone handcrafts each meal, just like you handcraft your business deals. Our staff is trained to gracefully handle food allergies and provide a safe dining experience, just like you are attuned to your clients individual needs. Our meals are of exceptional quality, just like the services your business delivers. By holding your client meetings at Graces 5, you are saying that your business believes in excellence for each individual.

Graces 5 is available for a variety of business meetings. Our intimate tables for two provide a quiet place to discuss business deals one on one. Bring your whole team for the weekly staff meeting and we’ll create a custom table as long as you need it either indoors or outdoors. Celebrate a signed contract with a few clients in the evening by one of our patio fire pits. Call us and we’d be glad to work with you to deliver box lunches to your Redmond WA meeting location. If you’re making a presentation to several prospects, we can create create a simpler menu to simplify the ordering process and a private area for you to do your presentation using our WIFI network as needed.

Graces 5 is a great place to host a meetup event or your next charity function. Depending on the size of your meetup group we can work together on a prefix menu and have it all ready at the right time in your event. We support charities and want to help your charity. When you host your charity event at Graces 5, we’ll donate a portion of the proceeds from the meal service to your charity as our way of supporting your work.

Gift certificates are available and our more official gift cards will be available soon. These gift certificates make a great reward for employee morale or customer appreciation. Especially if the person receiving the gift appreciates an excellent fine dining experience or had a food allergy. We’d be glad to work with you on making Graces 5 gift cards part of your holiday bonus package or customer appreciation cards.

We’re glad to be part of the vibrant Redmond WA community and are looking forward to meeting you and serving the needs of your business and your family. Come by soon. Lunch is served 11:30 to 2:00 and Dinner is served 5:00 to 9:00.

Eat At Graces 5 During your Daniel Fast

Graces 5 is a great place to eat while you’re on a Daniel Fast. Its a safe place to eat because our menu is very intentional. Since our entire kitchen is gluten-free and dairy-free and our foods are handcrafted, we don’t have any accidental or surprise ingredients. We don’t have a deep fryer and our sauces are made from a handful of ingredients and the rich sauces are paired with our meat dishes. Our salads and soups are made from fresh ingredients using high quality oils and handmade dressings. We offer our raw vegan menu section at both lunch and dinner offers several selections made entirely from vegetables that aren’t cooked at all. Our organic juice bar provides an excellent replacement for coffee as a boost and energy recharge.

The Daniel Fast is a popular Christian fast for spiritual breakthrough. It is increasingly common for a church to go through this together as a church and support each other. Locally, Christ Church of Kirkland is starting this fast on September 6th. It is described in Daniel chapter 1 and chapter 10 as not eating the king’s rich food but asking only for vegetables and water and that he ate no meat nor drank wine for 21 days.

The fast itself is very similar to a vegan diet. There is no meat or rich sauces. There is no wine or dairy. There is no leaven or sweeteners or deep fried foods. So the diet consists of eating vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts, seeds, simple spices and drinking water. There are several books and wordpress blogs on the subject describing how to stock your pantry and offering recipes and support.

When you come in to Graces 5, just tell us you’re on the Daniel Fast and we’ll help you navigate our menu. We’ve trained our staff on the how to make your dining experience a great one when you’re on this fast.

Graces 5 featured in Redmond patch

Thanks to Dusty for the great Redmond Patch article. It feels good to be a part of the Redmond community and learn about this new city website and how it is connecting people and businesses together.

Soft Opening

I’d like to thank everyone who has joined us for the first week of dinner service at Graces 5.

So far it looks like the chicken wing appetizer, rib eye steak and chocolate granache cake are the most popular items. And everyone who has tasted them has loved them.

We’re open from 5-9pm this week for dinner service and look forward to you joining us.

See you soon 🙂